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A father knows things better! That’s the thumb rule we live by when we’re growing up. A father is someone we look up to when we’re stuck in a situation or when we need a little counsel on some matters. Growing up you realize that he was your first superhero. Before any Superman or Iron man, he was the one whom you saw as your role model. 

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But have you ever thought of the way your father has shaped up in all these years? The journey from being a man to a father is fascinating in some ways. When a child is born, it’s in that very moment that a man realizes his responsibility towards being a father in every possible way. The super human efforts he puts in to give you a better life is second to none. All their life, they grind and sacrifice their smallest of pursuits just to see us lead a happy life. He makes sure that whatever hurdles he had overcome in his life, his kids don’t get to go through all those troubles. And what does he want in return? A father only hopes to be recognized by his son’s or daughter’s name. Just the way our first identity was someone’s son or daughter.

“You don’t have to deserve your mother’s love. You have to deserve your father’s. He’s more particular.” —Robert Frost

It’s difficult to impress your father. He won’t allow you to be complacent when you’re beaming with pride on your accomplishments. He understands that you have to be persistent in your endeavours and the fact that success has no finish line. Although he allows you to see the world with your own viewpoint, he never shies away to give his own outlook. His opinions might not bode well for you at times and so it’s okay to be a little argumentative as long as the relationship doesn’t turn sour. After all you get all your characters from your parents.

fathers day

Love and care from your mother, temper and humour from your father! It’s fine to have difference of opinions and not really be on the same page for every little decision in life. With time we understand our father better and begin to appreciate his point of view as well. This father’s day let’s just try to do more when it comes to sharing your life with your father. Cheers to every father-son/daughter strained relationship that has brought us where we are. Let’s cherish the moments spent with our fathers all these years.

 fathers day

Here are some ways you can rekindle and strengthen your bond with your father.

  • Books and Reading: Parents play an important role in inculcating the habit of reading in their children. When we’re young, we usually learn what we see. Your father might be the first person in your life who introduced you to the world of books. The numerous times he had read bedtime stories to you and the sparkle in his eyes when he would imitate the characters of the book form as one of the best memories of your life. But then we grow up and are occupied in our lives and slowly that reading habit fades away. Revive that reading habit of your father by gifting him the ‘Digital Detox Gift Hamper’ by The Spring Palette, which might help in stimulating the avid reader in your father. Try talking about the books you’ve read and the ideas you perceive of it. This way you’ll have much more to talk about rather than the usual chit-chats.

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  • Tea/Coffee Sessions: Assume that it’s a regular weekend and your father is going to be at home all day. Brace yourself for what’s coming as it’s going to be a nagging day for you with multiple tea/coffee demands from your father. This father’s day, rather than being miffed at this habit, gift him something that would encourage him to take more little breaks while at home. Try the gift hamper by TSP especially designed to meet the needs of your coffee obsessed father. But hey, be mindful of the amount of sugar he takes!

fathers day gift

  • Asking For A Drink: They say that you should have that civility to not face your mom while you’re drunk. But with the father, you have the luxury of benefit of doubt! When a son steps into his father’s shoes, he shoulders the responsibility otherwise bore by the father. If you feel responsible and confident enough to be able to ask your father to have a drink with you, then you must go for it. Allow us to help you with that. TSP’s latest ‘Cocktail Hamper’ might just give a cue to your father about your intentions. But if the idea of having drinks with your father backfires, you’re on your own!

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  • Thank You Notes: It’s easier to do cheesy stuff for your mom but when it comes to your father, it’s a bit intimidating. You don’t want to mess with your old man when he seems grim all the time! But as they say, love and understanding is the cure for all the adversities in life. So why not just take a moment and show gratitude towards all his love and care for us. Watch out for the thoughtfully curated ‘Thank You Dad’ gift hamper by TSP which even has a wallet included in it, because you know who’s going to pay for all your fraudulent college trips! You certainly don’t want to miss this one.  

fathers day gift

June 18, 2022 — Shobhit Sinha

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