Introducing The Travel Wall Calendar 2023

“This heart of mine was made to travel this world.” 

Travelling feels… freeing. Why is it so? Travelling feels liberating because it allows you to be in that moment where you can feel the view in front of you. You can soak in the serenity of a beautiful landscape. You can explore new places and learn about people, a new culture. 

Why do millennials value travelling more than their bank balance or a property in their name? The meaning of travel has evolved significantly over the last few years. Earlier it used to be vacations where people used to be "Touristy" and explore the city or a place. It has become much more immersive now where people are deeply indulging in connecting with the locals, community and nature. 

The Spring Palette is launching a range of calendars to encourage people to live a meaningful life. One of these calendars has been designed on the theme of travelling.

The travel calendar features hand illustrations of 12 beautiful locations across the globe.  From the chilly swiss alps to the magnificent views of Hanoi to the Parisian charm, this calendar is a delight. 

Here are some of the travel destinations which surely would give you drive to be the wanderlust you always aspired.

Rainbow Mountains (Peru): Also known as Vinicunca (Mountain of Seven Colors) was discovered only a few years back when the snow covering it started melting revealing the natural beauty beneath it. These mountains get their shades of rainbow colours because of the mineral deposits. Although, Peru has a diverse cultural heritage and is a geographical wonder of some sorts. But the discovery of Rainbow Mountains has given this South American country a new dimension to its tourism.

Rainbow Mountain Peru The Spring Palette Travel Calendar 2023


Paris (France):A bit clichéd may be, but Paris never disappoints to amaze you every time you make a visit to the Fashion Capital of the world. It’s a mesmerizing experience to be around the Eiffel Tower, an engineering marvel. Paris is well known for its numerous cathedrals including the iconic Notre Dame de Paris which signifies its rich culture and history. Paris is paradise for the foodies with the varieties of sea food, and the unmissable falafel sandwich.



Cappadocia (Turkey): The city is best known for its hot air balloon rides. Hopping in a hot air balloon at sunrise with more than a hundred balloons simultaneously in the air at the same time is a sight to see. Cappadocia is a desirable place for hikers as well. Love Valley is one such destination where one can quietly walk through the tall sandstones and other rock formations.

cappadocia the spring palette calendar

Jaipur (India): Also known as The Pink City, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. The walled city is famous for its hospitality and king size living. Jaipur brags of its incredible history and the way its rich culture is preserved in the vicinity of the city. The city has many palaces and forts which are a major tourist attraction throughout the year. The sight of the city lights going out at dusk from the Nahargarh Fort is mesmerizing.

Jaipur the spring palette calendar


We believe that Travel gives a joy that cannot be derived from anything else. It is a great way to learn new things, unwind yourself, focus on something or see something magical. It gives you wings to your lives and you must travel. 

Our Travel Calendar would inspire you to pursue your travel dreams. It would uplift your moods and bring positivity in your lives


December 06, 2022 — Shobhit Sinha



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