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Gifting is a tricky business. You need to be mindful of the likes and dislikes and the personality traits of a person to be able to gift a nice, heartwarming and meaningful present to someone. Gifting is not just about the monetary value of it. It’s more about conveying a message that we look forward to a healthy relationship with them and we certainly care for their presence in our lives. Moreover, being generous and kind to people in general is an attractive trait and it makes us more accepting and likeable in some ways.
To solve the problem of making a Gift hamper, The Spring Palette has come up with a special feature where you can curate and design a gift hamper by yourself depending on the occasion and personality of the person you want to gift to. You can create your hamper in just 4 simple steps:

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While you create the gifts, let’s just talk about a few points which you should keep in mind to create a hamper that could be remembered by the recipient for years to come.

  • Deciding on the theme of your hamper: Gifting someone doesn’t necessarily have to be on a certain occasion, because accept it or not, we all like getting gifts. But if you’re planning to gift someone on a certain occasion, you need to keep in perspective the reason for the celebration. For instance, if someone close to you is getting married and you want to shower your love and best wishes via a gift hamper, you should be able to find a collection of items to suit the personality. It could be an occasion as elaborated as a house warming party or a baby shower, or you just simply want to express your gratitude towards a person. Be it any occasion, you can always put a little effort and plan a hamper for someone which could just make their day. The Spring Palette has added this feature to make sorting of gifts an easier process. 
  • Being mindful of your gifting budget: When we love and care for someone, it’s easier to get carried away and exceed our budget limit while deciding a gift for them. It’ll be wiser to decide on a budget which you want to spend for the hamper. Once you do that, you get clarity on the options you can avail.
  • Packing a gift hamper: Half the excitement of getting a gift hamper comes from the way it is packed. The joy of opening a beautifully wrapped or packed gift cannot really be explained, and can only be felt. If it’s too much hardship for you to gift wrap a hamper, take the help of the professionals. The Spring Palette offers you with a variety of options for decorative packing of a hamper. We even have a mint-colored vintage trunk that’ll just entice the recipient’s excitement of opening the present.
  • Being mindful of the message it conveys: Be it any occasion or just a gesture for someone, a gift should be able to convey its message clearly. Whether you want to remind your friend or loved one the need for self love, or you just want to motivate them to do things they really love to do, the gift should act as a reminder for that. The Spring Palette has a large collection of artwork that can communicate your message to your loved ones. The Spring Palette also provides with the option of curating several self-care products to give a personal touch to your gift hamper.

Besides these we have some pre-curate gift hampers depending on different themes, occasions and budget. You can explore these on our website.

Gift Hampers by The Spring Palette

We have curated gift hampers based on the interest and likings of the receiver. You can go for coffee lover, if somebody loves sipping coffee all the time or you can go for book lover gift hamper in case somebody loves reading a lot. By choosing such gifts, you can show that how much you care for them.

Book Lover Gift Hamper by The Spring Palette



May 29, 2022 — Shobhit Sinha


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