5 reasons why you must have wall décor collection at your place!
  1. It reflects your personality and your true self: People love to express themselves via their appearance and styling. And this mode of expression is not restricted to the way they appear, but also the way they adorn their place or the kind of place they like to visit. Gen Z or millennial, as they call it, is very conscious of its image and personality. People’s likings and thought process have become intrinsic to this expression of the self. A house with thoughtful wall paintings portrays the ideas and beliefs that have been put into buying those artworks. It gives a cue to the visitor about your personality and your belief system. You may be a yoga lover or a plant enthusiast or an adventurer, an artwork gives the idea of how connected the individual is with certain aspects of his/her life.                    wall art image of girl relaxing
  2. It acts as natural ice breaker: With the advent of mobile phones and internet, it sometimes gets difficult to have a conversation when we meet someone in person. Imagine sitting with someone in your living room and trying to have a conversation and at once he admires your wall paintings. The interpretation of an art is something very subjective. The moment someone tries to understand an art, it gives you an opportunity to have mindful conversations on the ideas and thoughts behind that artwork. Keeping this thought process as the central idea, we at The Spring Palette try and create artworks that revolve around interesting themes such as mindfulness, positivity, self coaching, travel, botanicals, etc. You can choose a desired artwork from a wide range of collection.a girl relaxing and calming
  3. It complements your furnishings: You might be having the most luxurious furnishings at your place, but it feels incomplete without wall paintings or wall frames complementing your furnishings. If you’re a plant enthusiast and your place has a range of indoor plants, then adding a few canvas paintings with landscapes or acrylic paintings would be a great idea. They say that either you learn from mistakes by reading books or you commit them yourselves. Reading books is a habit that’ll never abandon you. We at The Spring Palette value the skill and habit of reading books and so we’ve a range of artworks that can drive you to pick up a book and just start reading it.
  4. It helps you focus on your priorities: With all the hustle going on in our lives, it’s important to keep a tab on our healthy mental well being. The subtle changes in our routine like practicing yoga and meditation can help us to stay calm and be in the moment. You might be a go getter and have the conviction to take care of yourself, and so surrounding yourself with artworks that nudges you to keep doing it day in, day out helps to the cause. Even if it’s a word or a phrase that resonates with your personality, embracing it into your life in the form of a wall art could be a good place to place begin your journey of self care. The Spring Palette encourages the need for a mindful way of living and thus has a range of artworks that could have a calming influence in your life.traveling car wall art .
  5. It gives space to experiment: It’s possible that a certain look of your place may seem to be repetitive or mundane. But you can’t really impulsively spend on buying new furnishing stuff to overcome the problem. What you can really do is spend on some wall décor that will help in redecorating your place in a positive way. You can start with selecting a certain theme for your place and add artwork accordingly. Whether you’re a wanderer or you find peace in gazing at the stars in your leisure time, The Spring Palette understands the need for artworks that you could relate to in a much deeper sense. If you’re into practicing meditation or mindfulness way of living, you can always get some wall art to help you practice more efficiently. You can always mix and match as long as the artwork blends seamlessly with your place.landscape image of mountains
April 18, 2022 — Shobhit Sinha

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