Positivity Desk Calendar 2022

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About the Positivity Desk Calendar 2022:

The theme for this year's calendars is "IT's ALL ABOUT YOU" and as part of this, we have created the "POSITIVITY CALENDAR 2022". The 12 illustrations bring out different aspects of positivity. We believe that the illustrations and the messages will inspire you to lead a positive and happy life.

This calendar is designed to brighten your workspace and uplift your mood.  The pages are wiro-bound in a glistening golden color. The calendar comes with a stand which makes it easy to prop up at your work desk or at home.

Product Description:

  • 12 months desk calendar format
  • 350 GSM laminated paper with matte finish | Acid free paper 
  • Metallic Gold Wiro Bound
  • Size: 5.75'' x 7.75" 
  • Ships in 1-2 days

Why buy our calendars?:

  • Powerful illustrations to help you stay positive and motivated
  • Sleek and compact calendar to add pop of color to your desk

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About the theme "Positivity": 

As the name speaks, "Positivity" is all about being optimistic in your thought, attitude and behavior. Positivity is when you maintain your calmness, hopefulness, enthusiasm and love for life.


This calendar is about constant affirmation of self-belief and motivating yourself to achieve bigger things. There are often times when we are filled with fear which makes us underconfident. However, just reaffirming the fact that the "Best is within you" can do wonders.

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Always learn to spend quality time alone with yourself. Make time for yourself despite your busy schedule. “What matters most is who you are and not where you are. You can be anywhere anytime, but you can’t be anyone anytime.” Let yourself rest:


“Wings are like dreams. Before each flight, a bird takes a small jump, a leap of faith, believing that its wings will work." With positivity, you are more willing to take a leap of faith and the results can be very rewarding:


Swatee has put her heart out in illustrating these meaningful artworks and it took an year long effort to bring this to you. We believe that this will add positivity in your lives. 

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